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XOXO to EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Most people are familiar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the kitchen. However, did you know that it is great for your skin also?

Here are our Top 10 uses for EVOO for your skin:

  1. OCM, or Oil Cleaning Method, is a widely-popular way of cleaning and moisturizing the face using EVOO or other essential oils. Utilizing naturally-healthy oils allows the skin to absorb the nutrients found in these oils, as a deep conditioning moisturizer.
  2. EVOO is great for treating minor burns or wounds, given its antiseptic properties.
  3. For post-pregnancy, EVOO can help the skin regenerate, in order to treat unwanted stretch marks. In fact, many women use it during pregnancy as a preventative measure.
  4. EVOO’s natural UltraViolet spectrum protection is great for the skin, while at the same time not utilizing harsh chemicals. Studies on mice show that it prevents formation of tumours and skin cancer!
  5. Instead of purchasing expensive chemically-heavy shaving creams, EVOO also doubles as a shaving oil, while moisturizing the skin (Point 1!)
  6. Popularly used in cosmetics and soaps, EVOO is beneficial for these because it adds smoothness to dry scaly skin, especially in cold weather.
  7. EVOO also contains Vitamin E, which as we previously blogged about is a great antioxidant, again promoting anti-cancer properties (Point 4!)
  8. EVOO contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which are less easily damaged by exposure to oxygen in the air. Therefore, less free radicals and again less damage to skin cell membranes.
  9. To promote stronger nails and soften cuticles, add a teaspoon of EVOO to your hands, then put on some gloves. Leaving them overnight, you will eventually notice a difference in your nails – less cracking, breaking or chipping.
  10. The same can be done for your hair. Apply EVOO to your hair and wear a cap and towel. he next day’s shower may result in heavy flat hair, because it is still being absorbed into the hair. However, eventually, you will notice that your hair is silkier, stronger and smoother.

You can either go out and purchase a bottle of cold-compressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or you can be efficient and purchase naturally-made high-quality skin care products that already have EVOO in them, like our custom-made lip balm, where EVOO is one of the oils we use!



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